Why Power?


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Manufacturing Facility

Bogra Motors has two complete lines with fully automatic and semi-automatic imported machinery for producing almost every kinds of filters. The new machinery includes plastic injection molding machine, PU foam dispensing unit, PU adhesive dispensing unit, Auto Pleating machine, Deep drawing machine, Laser Printing machine, Automatic seaming machine, Computerized powder coating coloring unit, Auto steel Clipping machine, Curing Oven, Auto steel center tube making machine, Auto Air filter outer mesh net making machine, screen printing machine etc.

For efficient and on time delivery of products the factory has separate production lines for the commercial and customer order-based filters. Separate groups of skilled and semi-skilled labors with experienced supervisors & engineers are all time monitoring these two sections of production.

Client Satisfaction

At BOGRA MOTORS, we make sure to offer our clients the best selection of auto parts, as well as provide them with superb customer service. Our staff works with our customers to find exactly the right part they need for the right price. We’re here to help inform you about our products, so that you only buy what is absolutely necessary for your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

Industrial Safety

In fulfilling this commitment, the Company has implemented and operates a comprehensive health and safety management system that is in accordance with all governing Health and Safety in Work Regulations.

We conduct regular training for our officers and workers to provide information about the common safety measures and precautions to be taken in a manufacturing Industry. They are well aware how to avoid the common incidents like, fire, accidents to machine operators, mechanical failure, chemical hazards etc. Our company follows the Fire Rules and Safety Rules standard and through the awareness program all our employees are well aware of these rules. We also conduct safety training for the factory workers regarding machine operating safety and precautions as per the machine manufacturer's guidelines.

Our company has clearance certificates from the environment and Industrial Fire control authority for maintaining good fire safety rules, less emission and zero hazardous waste disposal.

Quality Control

Quality control is very important for a manufacturing industry. We never compromise with the quality of its product. A random test is done in regular interval for the quality checking of the products. A testing laboratory equipped with Leakage testing unit, micron test machine, pressure test rig, hydraulic test rig, bonding test machine etc to assure the quality of products.


Without Research and Development, a manufacturing industry cannot reach its ultimate goal. Bogra Motors is funding to its R&D team from the very beginning and keeps a percentage of its annual profit for this purpose.

Environment and Sustainability

Bogra Motors always respecting human health and our environment. Not only our products are environmentally friendly, but also all our production procedures are focusing on the protection of the environment.

We have chosen environmentally compatible technologies such as the use of renewable energy (solar) for factory and warehouse through photovoltaic panels as well as the use of evaporative cooling systems, for the building and for heat generating machinery instead of Air Conditioning units and refrigerant coolants.

Our machinery, plants and devices in our production reflect the idea of sustainability, and they allow our production processes to be ecological and economical at the same time. We use new technology for ECO filters using IR (infrared) direct bonding which does not use glue and reduces material waste. We also participate in paper, metal, and plastic recycling program.